Receiving Collabs from Brands

In this Brkaway Brkdown, we'll guide you through the process of reviewing a Collab from a brand, and merging it to your Brkaway account.

More and more brands are using Brkaway to streamline collaboration management, and if you’re reading this, it’s likely a brand has invited you to work together on Brkaway. 

In this Brkaway Brkdown, we'll guide you through the process of reviewing a Collab from a brand and merging it to your Brkaway account.

When a brand submits a Collab for your review, you’ll be notified via email and you’ll see the Collab in the Request tab found in My Collabs. On the Collab there will be a few things for you to review.

Deliverable Details:

  • On the Deliverables tab, you can review all Deliverables with respective Stages and Due Dates.
  • You can toggle between Deliverable cards and a Calendar view to change how you see the Collab timeline.


  • On the Documents tab, the brand can share documents with you. Here you might find things like contacts, brand briefs, and brand guidelines.

Compensation information:

  • Find the Pay and Currency details stored in the Invoices tab.
  • Unlike when you create a Collab, you will not be able to adjust compensation information. Only the brand can make adjustments here.

Once you review the Collab details, you’ll have the option to merge the Collab to your Brkaway account. Merging the Collab will bring the Collab and all associated Deliverables into your account. You’ll see Deliverables populate on your Content Board and Calendar, and the Collab will appear in My Collabs. 

Pro Tip: Merging is the key to seamlessly integrating the brand's Collab into your workflow. If you don’t merge it, you will not see the Collab on your Brkaway account and you won’t receive notifications for things like Due Dates, Comments, etc.

Brkaway is designed to make collaborations smooth and transparent regardless of who created the Collab. Review the Collab with confidence, merge it seamlessly, and embark on your collaborative adventure!