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Creator FAQs

Is getting started free?

Yes! Getting started on Brkaway is completely free. You get a shareable, shoppable portfolio plus access to an end to end tool to help you run your entire content business without spending a dime.

You only pay once when you need to manage more than 4 deliverables in a given 30 day period and at that point, congrats your content business is growing!

What counts as a managed deliverable?

A managed deliverable is any deliverable created by you in a given 30 day period. A deliverable can consist of up to 3 stages (concepting, shooting, posting). Regardless of the number of stages, the deliverable will only count as one deliverable.

If a brand is using Brkaway to help them manage their content pipeline and builds a Collab for you, any deliverables in that Collab do not count towards your monthly limit.

How do I access my public Brkaway portfolio?

The public link to your Brkaway portfolio can be found by visiting your portfolio tab. You should see the link in the top right corner of your portfolio. If you copy that link into your browser you’ll see what your page looks like to someone shopping your portfolio.

How does Brkaway help me with payment?

Brkaway is meant to help you run your entire content business end to end. We know sending invoices, tracking payment status, and ultimately getting paid by your clients is a big part of that.

On Brkaway you’re able to effortlessly create and send invoices, track payments, and monitor your earnings—all in one convenient place.

Is the platform open to any creator?

Absolutely! Now any creator can sign up and get started on Brkaway to manage their content business. Whether you're just getting started as a UGC creator or you're an established influencer, if you’re looking to organise your content business, the Brkaway platform is for you.

Do my clients need to have a Brkaway account to work with me?

No, that’s the beauty of it! Think of google drive links – when you share a google drive link with a client, that client doesn’t need a google account. Brkaway works the same way.

When you share a deliverable for approval via Brkaway you’re granting your client access to the deliverable. They can approve the deliverable, leave you a comment or request a change without signing up. Say goodbye to comments on google sheets, emails, and keeping track of countless files!

Can I manage all my content on Brkaway (UGC and influencer work)?

Totally! The platform is meant to allow you to manage all your content deliverables. Need to keep track of posting dates for influencer engagements? Or need to keep track of video submissions for UGC work? The Brkaway Collab Builder allows you to customise deliverable stages to help you manage your entire content business all in one place.

I have a question and/or feedback about the platform, who can I talk to?

Ask any creator who has spoken to a member of the Brkaway team, we love questions and feedback! It’s what makes the platform better each day. If you want to get in touch with someone at Brkaway, you can reach out to your creator concierge or email us directly at!