Brand FAQs

A creator submitted content for me on Brkaway, do I need an account?

No you don't! If a creator submits a deliverable to you via a Brkaway link, you do not need an account to view the content. Brkaway links operate like google drive links, once your granted access to the link you’re able to view the content, leave comments and give your approval all without an account.

You only need to sign up when you want to invite your own creators and manage your own content pipeline.

What counts as a managed deliverable?

A managed deliverable is any deliverable created by you in a given 30 day period. A deliverable can consist of up to 3 stages (concepting, shooting, posting). Regardless of the number of stages, the deliverable will only count as one deliverable.

If a creator is using Brkaway to help them manage their content deliverables and builds a package for you, any deliverables in that package do not count towards your 30 day limit.

I’m an agency and run multiple brands, how does pricing work?

We know agencies come in all different shapes and sizes. With that in mind let’s book a call to learn more about your needs and how Brkaway can help. Feel free to head over to our Contact Us page and get in touch!

So if I don’t need an account to review content, when do I need to create a Brkaway account?

To collaborate on deliverables created and managed by your creators you don’t need a Brkaway account.

When you’re ready to take control of your content pipeline, add your own creators to the platform and assign out deliverables, that's when we’ll have you sign up to unlock the full power of Brkaway.

Can you help me find creators?

We're working on something really cool to help you find the exact creator your looking for.

Until the, keep an eye out for Brkaway portfolio links in a creator’s link-in bio. If you see a Brkaway portfolio in the wild, know working with that creator will be smooth sailing.

I have a question and/or feedback about the platform, who can I talk to?

Ask any brand who has spoken to a member of the Brkaway team, we love questions and feedback! It’s what makes the platform better each day. If you want to get in touch with someone at Brkaway, you can reach out to your account manager or email us directly at!