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A platform designed for brands and creators


Struggling to keep up with TikTok, Reels, Youtube Shorts, and ad content? Get the steady stream of branded video content you’ve always wanted.

How it works:

Select your content package and choose from a vetted list of curated creators

Effortlessly communicate and collaborate with your creators

Stay on top of all your approvals and creator deliverable dates with ease

Keep or swap your creators each month. The choice is yours!

brkaway for brands


Amazing creators shouldn’t be bottlenecked by their follower count. Get paid to consistently create content intended for a brand’s social pages, not yours.

How it works:

Create your Brkaway portfolio to get matched with brands

Stay on top of schedules, feedback, and approvals with the help of the Brkaway platform

Get paid to do what you love, creating kick-ass content!

brkaway for creator


Everything you need to know

How do Brkaway Packages work?

Brkaway is your subscription to content. You'll choose monthly content packages starting at 8 videos/month split across 2 creators with the option to go all the way up to 30+ videos/month across 5+ creators.

There's no complicated add-ons, conditions, or hidden fees. Through your monthly subscription you get access to the Brkaway platform, our vetted network of creators, and the content you subscribed to.

What type of content do my creators produce?

Brkaway creators are able to produce all styles of short form video. If you're looking for trending, educational, ASMR, unboxing, transition, recipe, ad, aesthetic, or lifestyle content our vetted group of creators have you covered.

What can I use the content for? Is any of it posted on the creator's socials?

This is your brand's content! All the content can be used across your social channels, your website, and your ads.

None of the content is ever posted by the creator on their own social channels.

How do I select my creators?

Vetting creators and matching them with brands is what we're all about!

During on-boarding you'll tell us about your brand and some details about the type of content you're looking for. Based on what you share about your content needs and your product, the platform will curate and recommend creators for you to choose from.

For each of these creators you'll be presented a portfolio showcasing their previous work and a brief creator bio. From there you can select the creators you'd like to work with!

How is content delivered? What's a typical turnaround time?

Content is delivered over a 30 day period. It is not delivered in batches. We do this to make sure your content is always fresh and doesn't go stale.

As soon as you select your creators, all content deliverables are prescheduled for the content cycle.

Each piece of content goes through two stages: Concepting and Shooting. In Concepting creators will write out exactly what it is they plan to deliver. This concept will then be submitted to you for feedback and approval.

Once a concept has been approved, the creator will move on and shoot the video. This video will then be submitted for feedback and approval.

The typical turn around time from a concept being approved to a video being delivered is 2 business days.

How do I communicate with my creators and approve content?

Brkaway is not a barrier between you and your creators. It's a bridge. The platform makes approvals, feedback and collaboration effortless. Brands who work closely with their creators have the most success.

Book a kick off call, chat directly with your creators, share a document, send over content examples, and provide feedback all directly through the Brkaway platform.

Do I work with the same creators every month?

It's totally up to you! Some brands find creators they love working with and continue to work with them every month. These creators really learn the brand voice and become a more integrated part of your content team.

Other brands like to get new creators every content cycle.

Whether you're working with the same creators, or switching month to month, the Brkaway platform makes it easy.

How do I apply to become a Brkaway creator?

We're always looking for skilled creators with a passion for creating content for brands.

To start the application process simply sign up below. Once you sign up, someone from the Brkaway Creator Team will be in touch with next steps to get the Brkaway application process underway.

At this time we are only accepting a small number of creators. Due to the number of application received, this process typically takes up to 2 weeks.

Does the content ever get posted to my social channels?

No! None of the content you produce through Brkaway will ever be posted on your own socials.

What we're trying to say is, if you're worried about your follower count, don't be!

How do I get matched with brands?

When you're applying to join Brkaway, you'll be asked to create a Brkaway portfolio. In this portfolio, you'll share examples of video content you've produced in addition to your industry preferences and bio.

Based on your portfolio, we'll put you in front of brands we think are the right fit!

We don't share links out to your socials or any information on your audience insights because they don't matter! The content you produce is for the brand's socials, not yours.

How do I communicate with my brands?

You'll communicate with brands directly through the Brkaway platform.

Once a brand has selected you as a creator, they may request a kick off call. This is a great way for you to learn more about the brand and team you'll be working with.

From there, you'll be able to chat with the brand on individual concepts or through the chat functionality built in to the platform.

At the end of the content cycle, a brand may elect to rate their experience working with you and provide feedback.

How do I know when my deliverables are due?

For every piece of content there are two due dates, one for concepting and one for shooting.

The Brkaway platform will automatically assign these due dates prior to the start of a content cycle. You'll be able to keep track of everything due through your Brkaway Dashboard.

Is this paid work?

Absolutely. Brkaway was founded by a creator who was tired of being offered free product in return for work. Our mission is to empower more creators to become successful entrepreneurs and being paid fairly for your work is a big part of that.

Can I use Brkaway across my portfolio of brands?

Yes! With a Brkaway Agency account you're able to manage content for your entire portfolio of brands in one place.

Select different creators per brand, easily upload your separate brand guidelines and effortlessly collaborate with your team of Brkaway creators all through the Brkaway platform.

Are there custom Brkaway packages for agencies?

If you're looking for 30+ videos per month across your portfolio of brands, custom packages are available.

Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch to discuss your options

Our Story

Brkaway is changing the way brands and creators produce branded content.

Bailey Rose King

Founded by

Bailey Rose King

As one of the first creators to produce branded video content at scale, we’ve gathered knowledge and experience from 1000s of videos, 10’s of thousands of creator-brand interactions and distilled them into one simple-to-use platform.


Don't just take our word for it

Brkaway is the solution when finding the time and resources required to develop consistent, on trend and branded video content seems impossible. Now we collaborate with multiple talented creators at once for diversified content on our socials!


Laneige, Marketing Manager

Our TikTok blew up but we couldn’t keep up with all the content we needed! Brkaway gave us access to the steady stream of content our audience was looking for.


Inkbox, Founder

I’m working with multiple brands on Brkaway across a ton of industries. My personal audience and my niche don’t matter, I get paid for my skills as a creator!


Brkaway Creator

I love creating content but I have limited time outside my 9-5. Using Brkaway means I don’t have to spend time on admin tasks and I can focus solely on creating.


Brkaway Creator

I don’t always want to rely on creating content for my audience to make money. Getting paid to create content that never lands on my page is a breath of fresh air.


Brkaway Creator

Now more than ever, brands are in a pinch for video content at scale. Brkaway makes it so easy for brands to unlock the power of short form video.

Michele Romanow

Clearco, Founder