How to Generate Invoices

You've put in the effort, now it's time to reap the rewards! In this Brkaway Brkdown, we'll guide you through creating and sending invoices directly on Brkaway.

Creating an invoice

On Brkaway, there are two places where you can create an invoice: 

  1. By clicking the “Add Invoice” button found on the invoicing tab of any given Collab.
  • When you create an invoice directly from a Collab, Brkaway will automatically associate the Collab to the invoice being created. That means information like the Collab Pay, Currency and the first invoice line item will be pre-populated on the invoice.  
  1. Directly from the Invoicing Dashboard by clicking the “Add Invoice” button
  • Invoices generated directly from the Invoicing dashboard will not have an associated Collab by default. However you can still search for associated Collabs using the “Associated Collab” field on the invoice. Once you select an associated Collab, information will be automatically populated on your invoice.

Pro Tip: Invoices can be associated with multiple Collabs or none at all. It’s totally up to you how you want to configure your invoice.

Invoice Items 

You can add as many line items to an invoice as you like. Adding a line items requires you to add the following:

  1. Description (ie. name of the Collab, incentive pay, reimbursement, etc.)
  2. Price
  3. Tax - You can add whichever tax applies to your business. Tax names and percentages are saved for ease of use on other invoices 

Payment Information

Here you can enter how you’d like the invoices recipient to pay you. This is currently a free text field where you can enter information such as your Paypal or Venmo information. 

Additional Notes

If you’d like an additional note, such as a thank you, to appear on your invoice you can leave it here.


Attachments allow you to attach documents directly to your invoice. You can include things like receipts directly on your invoice to streamline the process of product reimbursements. 

Sending your Invoice

Once you’ve finished putting your invoice you can send it to the intended recipients in one of two ways:

  1. Preview & Send - Here Brkaway will format an email for you to preview, customise and send to the recipients of your choosing. Recipients will get access to a PDF version of the invoice by clicking the “View Invoice” button found on the email.

You can also view what the PDF looks like by clicking the “Invoice Preview” button found on the right side of the Send Invoice Modal.

  1. Download PDF - Clicking the “Download PDF” button will download the invoice PDF directly to your computer. From here you can attach it to an email and send it to whoever you like.

And just like that you can use Brkaway to effortlessly manage your invoices, keep track of payments, and ensure you get paid for your outstanding work!