Sharing your Portfolio and Capturing Inbound Leads

In this Brkaway Brkdown we’ll delve into the simplicity of sharing your portfolio and how Brkaway streamlines the management of your inbound leads.

Congrats! You’ve set up your portfolio and you’re ready to share it. In this Brkaway Brkdown we’ll delve into the simplicity of sharing your portfolio and how Brkaway streamlines the management of your inbound leads.

Sharing your Public Portfolio 

In the top corner of your Brkaway portfolio you’ll see your Portfolio public link. This link can be viewed anywhere online. You can share this link with prospective clients by:

  • Including it in an email or email signature
  • Sharing it via text message
  • Throwing it in a DM
  • Adding it to your link in your bio

If you’re curious and want to see how your Portfolio looks outside of Brkaway, simply open a new tab and “copy” your portfolio link. Once pasted in your browser, you’ll see what prospective clients will see. 

Pro Tip: Your Brkaway Portfolio is designed to be responsive, ensuring it looks impeccable on computers, tablets, and phones. No matter how your client is viewing your Portfolio, you can rest assured it will look in tip-top shape!

Changing your Portfolio Link

By default, your Portfolio link will end with your first and last name. If you want to change it, you’re able to edit your Portfolio link by clicking the pencil icon beside the link.

Note, if you do decide to change your Portfolio link, your old Portfolio link will no longer work. You must update your Portfolio link everywhere it’s been shared to ensure your Portfolio remains accessible.

Capturing Client Interest

A prospective client can contact you one of two ways through your Portfolio:

  1. General Contact - At the top of your public Portfolio, clients will see a “Contact” button. They’ll also see this button on your Pricing tab if you have elected not to include any Pricing Packages. When clicked, clients will be able to seamlessly enter their information and leave you a message about what they’re looking for.
  1. Pricing Package Inquiry - If you have any Pricing Packages in your Portfolio, prospective clients will be able to inquire about a package you’ve listed. When they select a package, the client will be able to enter their information, leave you a message, and select any applicable add-ons they’d like to include.

Organizing Inbound Leads

Whenever someone has completed your General Contact form or Inquired about a package on your Portfolio, Brkaway will collect and organize the inbound lead. 

As soon as an Inquiry is made, you’ll see a new message appear in your Messages tab. This message will contain the details of the Inquiry and you’ll be able to reply directly to the lead in the platform. Your lead will receive all messages directly to the email address they provided and they’ll be able to communicate with you seamlessly.

If this lead eventually develops into an engagement, you can easily create a Collab from the message thread by clicking the three buttons at the top right corner of the message and selecting “Create Collab”. 

Your Brkaway Portfolio isn't just a showcase – it's a gateway to streamlined communication and efficient inbound lead management. Share confidently, engage effortlessly, and watch your creative journey flourish!