Setting up Your Brkaway Portfolio

In this Brkaway Brkdown, we'll guide you through the different elements of your Portfolio, empowering you to share more about yourself as a content creator.

Your Brkaway Portfolio is your personal showcase—a canvas to express your creative prowess and connect with potential clients. In this Brkaway Brkdown, we'll guide you through the different elements of your Portfolio, empowering you to share more about yourself as a content creator.

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Cover Photo

At the top of your portfolio you’re able to enter a Portfolio cover photo. This image will also serve as your profile picture on Brkaway. When selecting a photo you can zoom in and out as well as reorientate the image to make sure it looks exactly the way you want it to.

Portfolio Tab

Your portfolio tab is where you want to show off all the incredible work you’ve done! You're able to upload up to 30 videos here. Be sure to add in a variety of styles so clients can understand your skills and talents.

 For each video, you’ll be able to enter the following:

  1. Video Name
  2. Cover photo
  3. The style of content the video depicts
  4. The industry the video covers

Once a video has been uploaded, you can easily rearrange the content by holding onto the button on the top left of the video to make sure all your content appears in the order you desire! 

About Tab

Your About tab offers you the ability to share more about yourself. On your About tab you can enter the following: 

  1. Bio - Introduce yourself. Tell prospective clients who you are, what you do for a living or what you ate for lunch. The choice is yours! 
  2. Hobbies and Passions - In this area, you can share what makes you tick. Here we encourage you to share more about what you love so prospective clients can understand when there is a perfect fit.
  3. Country, Languages, and Pronouns - Share your pronouns, country, and languages. Note you can only select one country at a time so be sure to update your country in the event you move!
  4. Industries - Select and display industries you're interested in or have worked in.
  5. Social Links - If you'd like to share your social links on your portfolio, you’re able to enter your TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Threads URL. Whenever you enter a URL the social icon will appear under your portfolio cover photo. These icons are clickable and will redirect anyone who clicks them to your respective social account.
  6. Booking URL - Enable prospective clients to book a call with you by entering your Calendly URL. When entered, a “Book a Call” button will appear on your portfolio which will redirect to your Calendly link.
  7. Shipping Address Crucial for clients sending products. Only visible to brands you are working with, ensure it stays updated. 

Pricing Tab

Your Brkaway Pricing tab allows you to build out pricing packages. These packages are viewable on your public portfolio where a prospective client can inquire to get more information. 

When adding a Pricing Package, you’re able to enter the following:

  1. The package name
  2. The number of videos, photos, and the price of the package
  3. Add-Ons and their respective price (ie. Raw Footage, Usage Rights, Hook Variants)
  4. Share additional information within a 250-character limit.

Note if you elect not to enter pricing packages, a pricing tab will still appear on your public portfolio. In this case, that tab will display a message requesting that the client contact you for your rates.

Testimonials Tab

Harness the power of social proof by adding testimonials received from clients. Each testimonial can be up to 500 characters, including the client's name and logo. Rearrange testimonials to feature them in the order you prefer.

Your Brkaway Portfolio is not just a showcase; it's your creative narrative, ready to be shared with the world! Plus it takes no more than 20 minutes to fully set up. What are you waiting for, time to show the world you’re a pro!