Setting Up a Collab for a Creator

To get started, you’ll need to add a Collab. A “Collab” is a contract deal between you and a creator with a specific page where all the details are held.

Congrats! You have officially invited your first creator(s) to Brkaway. What's next? And how do you start working with them? To get started, you’ll need to add a Collab. A “Collab” on Brkaway contains all the important information for your collaboration with your creator. In your Collab you’ll be able to build out a schedule with due dates for Deliverables, add all relevant documents, put in the Collab pricing information and share it with your creator.

To get started, head over to your My Collabs tab. From here click the Add Collab button and simply:

  1. Start typing your creator’s name and select the creator from the creator list that appears below. Note, only invited creators will appear on this list.
  2. Name the Collab. This name will be visible to both you and your creator.

You can also add a Collab by clicking into a creator in your My Creator’s list. There you’ll see an “+ Add Collab” button. Once clicked the creator’s name will be prefilled and you’ll simply have to enter your Collab Name.

Adding Deliverables

Once the Collab has been created, it's time to start adding deliverables! To add a Deliverable simply:

  1. Click "Add Deliverable"
  2. Name the Deliverable. This name will be searchable on your Dashboard, Content Board, and Calendar. More to come on that a little later.
  3. Add Creator Due Dates. Add a dude date for any stage that you want the creator to submit. Note for the Post stage you are able to add a posting date along with the platform the content is scheduled to be posted on.
  4. Add Brand Due Dates - Optional. If you want to be reminded of posting dates on your owned channels, simply add Post due dates for whichever channels you want content posted on.

Customize your Deliverables effortlessly – add, duplicate, rename, or delete as many Deliverables as you like. As soon as Deliverables are added to a Collab you’ll see them populate on both your Content Board and Calendar.

Adding Documents 

Head to the Documents tab in your Collab to add any files you would like to share with your creator. Some examples of files that you can upload here might be contracts, content guidelines, or anything you or your creator want to be able to quickly reference later. Note, any documents stored here will be visible to both you and your creator.

Setting Currency & Pay

The invoicing tab is where you can set Pay and Currency for the Collab. Once Pay is set, you will see the update logged in Activity. Setting the Collab Currency and Pay will allow creators to quickly generate an invoice once the Collab is complete and will remove any mistakes/ambiguity from the payment process.

Now that your Collab is all set up and ready for your Creator, you can walk through how Sharing a Collab works in our next help center article!

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