Your Content Board and Calendar

Your Content Board and Calendar are the easiest way for you to visualize your content pipeline. These tools let you know exactly what stage your deliverables are in and when deliverables are due. In this Brkaway Brkdown we’ll cover your Content Board and Calendar. 

Your Content Board

Effortlessly oversee all your Deliverables with the Content Board. As you creators start submitting deliverables for review, and you begin giving feedback and approvals, you’ll see your Deliverables progress through their respective stages. If you want to fine tune this view you can:

  • Filtering by Creator: Tailor your view by Brand or Due Date, enabling you to focus on what matters most to you.
  • Filter by Assignee: If you want to drill down on deliverables that are yours as opposed to something a colleague is working on, use the assignee filter to see all deliverables you’re assigned to
  • Column Management: Tidy your workspace by collapsing columns. Click the "<" icon next to each stage to declutter and enhance your experience.
  • If you’d like to clean up delivered content, you’re able to archive deliverables in the delivered stage by clicking the “Archive this Deliverable” button found under more actions

Your Calendar

In this view you can visualize your upcoming Deliverable due dates with overlaid on the Calendar month. Since some Deliverables may involve multiple stages like concepting, shooting, and posting, the Calendar provides a consolidated overview. Here's how you can finetune your Calendar:

  • Hover Highlights: Hover over any Deliverable card to illuminate all related due dates, providing a holistic understanding of each Deliverable.
  • Filtering by Creator, Due Date Stage, and Assignee: Fine-tune your focus by filtering by Creators, Due Date Stages, and Assignees empowering you to concentrate on specific Deliverables.

These dynamic views empower you to manage your content pipeline with clarity and efficiency. Running Collabs with creators and ensuring you have deliverables ready when you need them has never been easier!

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