Sharing and Submitting Deliverables for Review

In this Brkaway Brkdown we’ll cover how easy it is to share a deliverable with your reviewer and show you why it's finally time to ditch sharing Google Drive links for good.

You’ve filled out a Concept or uploaded Content and you’re ready to send it to your Reviewer, now what? In this Brkaway Brkdown we’ll cover how easy it is to share a Deliverable with your Reviewer and show you why it's finally time to ditch Google Drive links for good!

Sharing a Deliverable

Deliverables can be shared with anyone at any point in the content pipeline. To share a Deliverable simply click the “More Actions” button at the top of your Deliverable Page and then click “Share”. From there, you’ll be able share your Deliverable one of two ways: 

  1. Adding Reviewers: Enter your Reviewers' email(s) and an optional message. Preview the email that will be sent to your Reviewers, and click "Share" to send the email.
  2. Generate a General Access Link: Select "Use Sharable link" to generate an access link. Copy and share it with anyone you’d like outside of Brkaway. Anyone who accesses the link will be granted entry to the Deliverable.

Submitting Concepts or Content for Review

Now you've filled out a Concept or uploaded all your Content to a Deliverable and would like your client to review it. To do that, simply click “Submit for Review” in the Stage header. 

Once clicked, you’ll be prompted to send an email to your Reviewers. If you’d like to share the Deliverable with a new Reviewer, you can enter their email address under “add new reviewers”. Note, you can select the “use shareable link” option and generate a shareable link if you’d prefer to share it outside of Brkaway.

What can Reviewers do?

Now you may be wondering, what can my Reviewers do? 

  • Reviewers can comment, request changes, or approve submissions without creating a Brkaway account.

You’ll receive notifications whenever a Reviewer interacts with your Deliverable(s). If changes are requested or the Deliverable is approved, the Stage will automatically update and you’ll be notified to keep you informed of what actions need to be done next.

Brkaway ensures that collaboration is not only efficient but also transparent. Sharing Deliverables allows you to seamlessly update your Reviewers, streamline feedback, and keep track of your Deliverable progress effortlessly!