Direct Messages 💬

Tired of messaging one creator on Whatsapp, another in iMessage, a third over email, and a fourth via carrier pigeon. Great news, those days are over! In this Brkaway Brkdown we’ll show you how Brkaway’s messaging feature allows you to manage all your creator messages in one place.

Creating a Message

To create a message on Brkaway simply head to the Messages tab and click the “New Message” button. Once pressed a new empty message will appear. From here you're able to choose who you want to send the message to by filling in the “To:” field. In this field you’ll be able to search for any creator you’ve invited to Brkaway and any seats you have on your account. You can add up to 10 creators or seats to a single message.

When composing a message don’t forget you can append attachments to your text by clicking the paperclip icon!

Removing Participants from a Message Thread

Once someone has been added to a message, you can remove them by clicking the “X” beside their name in the To field. When someone is removed from a message, they will still be able to see messages sent prior to their removal. However, they will not see any future messages and will no longer be able to send a new message to that thread.

Receiving a Message

Whenever you receive a Message, wether it’s a reply to a message you created or a message created and sent to you by a creator, the message will be captured and organised in the Messages tab of your Brkaway account. Furthermore, you’ll also receive an in app notification and email letting you know you have a new unread message.

At any point in time, the number icon beside the Messages tab will indicate the number of unread messages you currently have.

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