Creator Vetting

At Brkaway we have incredible creators applying daily. Our thorough application process ensures we only pair brands with top content creators!

Recruit and Attract Top Creators

We're always on the hunt for the top freelance creators. We monitor Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other video platforms. If there's content out there, we're watching it.

We also allow creators to apply and submit their content to Brkaway for consideration.

Detailed Application Process

When a creator applies they submit more than just their general info.

We ask for their interests, hobbies, industry experience, content style preferences, and a detailed portfolio of their past work.

This material not only helps us vet creators, but also helps us make the strongest brand-creator matches.

Brkaway Interview

We meet all our creators to make sure we'd want them on our team, so you want them on yours.

Brkaway creators have strong communication skills, are professional, and will be strong additions to any content team.

Consistent Check-Ins

To maintain the quality of our creators and ensure brands are happy with the content they are receiving, we check-in with brands monthly.

We'll ask brands to rate their creators and if we haven't nailed the match, we'll propose new creator options to work with.