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Brkaway Product Update: Mobile Functionality

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Brkaway has gone Mobile 📲

New look, same functionality! Brkaway is now mobile-friendly so whether you need to approve, post, or share feedback with your creator, you can do that on the go!

Attachments in Comments 📎

You are now able to attach images and files directly into the Comments of a Concept. This means you can share detailed briefs, images for Green Screen, or anything else you think your creator might need to bring the Concept to life!


Change Posting Dates 🗓

You now have the ability to change Posting Dates on Videos. Click "Update Posting Date" on the Concept you'd like to change. Once you update the Posting Date, all the remaining due dates for that Concept will adjust accordingly.

Note: A posting date cannot be brought closer than 5 business days to the current day. This ensures that your creator has enough time to complete deliverables.

However, once a Video is approved by your team and is in Ready To Post, you are able to update the Posting Date to any date of your choosing.

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Platform Suggestions 🛠️

We are constantly improving Brkaway and are always open to new ideas & suggestions. Let us know how we can keep making Brkaway better!

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