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Product Update December 15th (Creator Side)

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You can now Notify!

In the Comments of any Concept, you're able to chat directly with the Brand - but sometimes you have a question and/or need clarity to move forward. Now you can "Notify Brand" by switching the toggle ON.


When its on, the Brand will receive an in-app notification as well as an email notification that a Comment has been made. We recommend using this feature when something urgent requires the Brand's attention.

Brand Links

Brands can now add Links to their "Brand Materials" page to give you access to external Google Drives, Content Folders, and Sheets.

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recall update

Recall after you Submit for Review

If you've submitted a Concept/Video for review but realize you need to make an edit, you can now click "Recall" to bring your Concept/Video back to the "Ready To Concept/Shoot" stages. This will allow you to make edits and then resubmit for review to the Brand. Recalling a Concept/Video does not change the due dates.

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