Platform Updates

Brkaway Product Update December 15th

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Edit Concept Name

Brands can now edit Concept names. This feature was added to help you easily identify Concepts on your Concept Board and Dashboard. Concept names will be visible to Creators but they will not be able to edit them.

Multi-Seats 🧑‍💻

Invite your team to Bkraway! Brands can now invite team members to collaborate on the platform. See Settings > Users. Team members will be able to contribute based on their assigned role. Roles include: Admin, Manager, and Commenter.


Customize Email Preferences

Once your team is on Brkaway, each User will be able to customize their Email Preferences. See Settings > Email Preferences. We want our emails to be relevant and not annoying (but maybe a little annoying 😉).


Creator Filtering

Want to see what one of your Creator's has on the go? Now you can filter your Content Board by Creator to see all their deliverables at a quick glance!

creator filtering